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Aajako Sandharbha

Aajako Sandharbha is one of the oldest and the longest running talk show of the nation. Currently Saroj Adhikari, Rajan Kuekel, Sanjeev Regmi and Suraj Acharya moderates this program. Every day this program welcomes one guest representing different sector (politics or industries). In other words, this is a talk show in which a political or a social personality is interviewed to comment and analyze on the top news stories or the public current affairs.

Programs Schedule

Day Start Time End Time
sunday 06:30:00 07:00:00
monday 06:30:00 07:00:00
tuesday 06:30:00 07:00:00
wednesday 06:30:00 07:00:00
thursday 06:30:00 07:00:00
friday 06:30:00 07:00:00
saturday 06:30:00 07:00:00

Program Presenters

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